Category: The Moon and Lunar Phenomena

Celestial triangle 2012

Absolutely breathtaking celestial triangle with crescent Moon, Venus and Jupiter from beach of Sec reservoir (Czech republic) on 24th March 2012. The winter just ended in this country and icy surface of the water melted during the day. Just after another three days the ice melted completely, so I had really big luck for this…
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Full Moon lunar corona

A faint, but really colorful “lunar corona”, which occurs by scattering of lunar light on small particles of huminidy. This one I observed on 8th February 2012. Used Canon 550D, Tamron 70-300 mm, ISO 200, HDR of 7 expositions.

Winter celestial triangle

Like a Christmass present the sky cleared up on January 27th, 2012, so I finally could catch this beautiful celestial triangle. The brightest object is the Moon, then two planets – Jupiter and Venus. And, of course, significant constellations of winter sky – Orion and Taurus. All from the roof of Astronomical institute of Czech…
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Thai lunar eclipse 2011

I was lucky man, when I could see this amazing phenomenon. Just the idea to watch total lunar eclipse on 10th December, 2011, from place of heat and sea nearby evocated excitement. I traveled with my czech friends Martin Popek and Marek Bruk to Pattaya, Thailand, where we decided to observe this lunar eclipse from…
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Dark June lunar eclipse 2011

Total lunar eclipse on 15th June 2011 recorded by timelapse and video camera, observated nearby Strani from Czech republic. Used music from Mike Oldfield (In the beginning, Supernova).        

Total solar eclipse 2009 in China

Total solar eclipse on July 22nd, 2009 in Baraka style. Dark Sun from Country of dragon and Roof of the world. Science versus Buddhism. You can see Qomolangma (aka Mt. Everest), prayers in Lhasa, Great wall, Terracotta army and solar eclipse from Hangzhou. Corona during eclipse is made by mathematic process of digital pictures by…
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