Category: Aurora Borealis and Australis

Amazed by Aurora over Arctic Ocean

October 2021 Aurora Borealis

During the last week of October 2021, me and my friends Tomas Slovinsky, Josef Kujal, and Balazs Szarka made it happen to get in Sweden for Aurora Borealis chasing. Based in Abisko National Park, we were pretty lucky for the weather but also for COVID restrictions and so we could travel a bit around for…
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The auroral impact over Torshavn

… and the dream came true. On 17th March 2015 the geomagnetic storm appeared to be the strongest in the current solar cycle (2009 – 2020) and produced absolutely incredible sky show. For me, in Torshavn of Faroe Islands, Denmark, it was amazing surprise just a few days before not so lucky total solar eclipse.…
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Auroral flowerpot with the Milky plant

Another auroras burned very low above the south horizon on 24th September, here at NIWA atmostheric station, Lauder, New Zealand. The opened dome is actually new BOOTES telescope prepaired for exciting detecting GRBs from here. Green color of the dome is caused by reflection of the green light from lidar behind me. As I finished…
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Aurora Australis from NIWA atmospheric station

Moving on, now the south island of New Zealand. Here I visited the NIWA atmospheric and meteorological station. It’s located far away from big cities, just a kilometer north from the sign of small village Lauder. The station is focused on lot of measurement, especially of ozone layer. Actually in the previous century, when it…
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