Category: Landscape

Celestial triangle 2012

Absolutely breathtaking celestial triangle with crescent Moon, Venus and Jupiter from beach of Sec reservoir (Czech republic) on 24th March 2012. The winter just ended in this country and icy surface of the water melted during the day. Just after another three days the ice melted completely, so I had really big luck for this…
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Orion supernova

On this freezing-winter scene from historical part of Ondrejov observatory, the hypothetical Orion supernova takes the central stage. The supernova is ending part of the bright star Betelgeuse‘s life when this red giant collapses inside, producing series of reactions leading to the type II supernova exposion. With its distance about 222 pc (720 ly) and…
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Winter Mt. Snezka

The highest peak of czech Great mountains, Snezka, on freezing December day (29th December 2009). Used Nikon Coolpix L19.