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Is there still a time for swimming?

What a wild night on July 7/8, 2015! Very strong thunderstorm was about coming over the Seč reservoir, so I was so excited to enjoy the last hot minutes in the natural “tub” before the storm brought even very perceptible chill. Well, the storm was faster, unfortunately. But I put my camera just on the…
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The dancing Sprites over the reservoir

As the hot and dry summertime peaks in the center of Europe, this season finally brings some strong MCS storms visible far from the Seč reservoir. And this night, exactly on the early morning of July 6th, 2015, finally came my opportunity to capture some Red Sprites just by the DSLR camera. I was waiting…
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Calm and storm

Sometimes you just wait for the perfect moment, which represents the nature of your soul. Well, this one is possibly the perfect, describing myself. Ostensibly calm, I still fight for something better, unique, memorable… At least to capture an image like this. Far storm passing away from the Sec reservoir produced a beautiful and powerful…
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Colorful and wild La Silla sky

As Czech Photo Ambassador of European Southern Observatory, I had incredibly wonderful time under the La Silla Observatory sky on 19th/20th January 2015. This time it was far more interesting than I expected. The wonderful colors of airglow waves showed up in my camera immediately, as it was so strong this time. Capturing the beautiful…
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Stormy Uganda

Watchig stars in Uganda is so dramatic. In one moment you are impressed by amazing dark sky with zodiacal light and Gegenschein, with Milky way or strong brightness of planet Venus, but just few minutes after a storm comes. But to see both of it – starry sky and far flashing – that worths a…
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October storm.

Tempest of October

Very late storm over Seč reservoir, Ústupky, Czech republic. Canon 6D, Sigma 15 mm, f11, ISO 500, 3×30 s; 20th October 2013.

Somewhere over the Jadran sea

Somewhere over the Jadran sea

Far storm above Jadran sea from Hvar, Croatia. Storm was moving almost radially, so I could easily make a picture with center of the Milky way above it. Used Canon 550D, Samyang 24 mm/f1.4@4.0; ISO 6400; 89×30 s; 10th August 2013.