Category: Meteors and Meteor Showers

Magellanic clouds, meteor

Magellanic clouds and meteor in mystique night on 9th November 2012 on Conway beach, Australia. I was just standing like frozen stone and watching first time in my life to these two magnificent dwarf gallaxies. When I set up the equipment and started to make expositions, suddenly had fallen a bright meteor just a piece…
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Perseids 2012

Maximum of annual Perseid meteor shower 2012 from August 12th to 14th from Pancir, Sumava, Czech republic. Used Canon 550D, Samyang 8 mm, ISO 3200, f5.6, no darkframe, 30×25 s – stars, 19×25 s – meteors; processing: Petr Horálek, processing theory: Miloslav Druckmüller.

Perseid fireball

Brightest fireball of annual Perseid meteor shower in 2012. Its brightness was about -9 magnitude and more than 14 minutes was visible cloud of its trail. Lucky time, because I had two cameras (one with wide-angle lenses, second by my hands with 17-50 mm lenses), so I could do complex photographic record of this unique…
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