Something about me

One of almost seven milliards (US billion) people on this planet, hardly to say of how many in the Universe.

As I know, male.

Well, I would like to know it too ...

You know - my parents ...

I was born in July sunny Pardubice in 1986. By a coincidence at the sky has just flown the world's best-known comet 1P/Halley…

At primary school I went to Benešovo Square, where I first began to learn about the rich and varied world of art, science and loved the environment in nature. In nature I have already stood (even if it discoursed me an atmosphere in high school). I am such a erratic, closed to my ideas, seeking senses of human emotions and human relationships. It is a special study. I dive in them through my drawings, which are my little art and my little secret. Just I take progressa (softness 8) and start. Listenning to melancholic, slightly graduate music (like Sasha - We can leave the world behind, Maya - Ballet, Lighthouse family - Ocean drive, etc.) I find a story. In my mind. Then I show the most emotion moment by the drawing...

If it is the world's most beautiful place, so it is for me Seč reservoir in Iron mountains, placed in a romantic flow of the river Chrudimka on the shore facing cottage from the workshop of my drandpa and his son - my father. I spent there, the most beautiful moments of my childhood and now, at the time of the most chaotic human age, there is always an inspiration anchors. And the most beautiful moments there I spend constantly. I use to fish or I follow up fishes to Seč's bottom using the best fishing fints. Their content I received from the local veterans who guards Seč's secrets. Seč is simply a world from which it is difficult to emigrate somewhere. It is difficult to imagine that someone would destroy it - it would destroy me.

Closer I learnt the nature and closer I swathed it around the waist. I love the night sky. I am an astronomer, passionate observer in the night sky. Most of all I love sky grazing by comets. They are mostly moderate, poorness and for dummy inaccessible. However, they are precious. This world showed me one of the most talented and certainly the best observers of comets in the world - Hradec Kraleove's friend Martin Lehky. The second at least the same important person of my life was now deceased Vasek Knoll. He involved me into the amazing world of the most beutiful phenomena in the sky - solar and lunar eclipses. For the most interesting eclipses I travel aroud the world.

As the astronomer I am a member of several sections and associations, their websites I strongly recommend. I am volunteer of Pardubice observatory. When I don't travel in an expedition or don't work in my job, I'll go to see the beauty of Seč nature. Sometime I take a trip to the south of Bohemia to find a crock of moldavite. In 2009 I became the editor in chief of webpage of Czech astronomical society. Since June 2011 I am also graduate of Astrophysics at Masaryk univerzity in Brno. In years 2010-2012 I worked in the Astronomical institute of The academy of Sciences of Czech republic on Ondřejov. Till the end of March 2014 I was an emloyer of the Úpice observatory.

So that all I am at a glance...

Petr Horálek
Mail: horalek.peter(at), horalek(at)

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