Aurora Borealis from the Czech Republic

Aurora from Czech Republic on 14 March 2022

The Czech Republic lies on latitude 50N, away from the magnetic pole, which makes it one of the countries where the Northern Lights are very rare. However, not impossible. Statistically, there can be spotted 10-15 auroras per one solar cycle (~11 years), of course, especially around the solar maximum. The upcoming one, solar cycle 25, seems to occur by the year 2025, and it is expected to be a stronger one after 2 weaker. If so, this post is not only a lucky case for next years. On Monday, March 14th, videlicet the Northern Lights were truly visible even from Ústupky, Czech Republic, after strong solar wind hit the Earth with G2 geomagnetic storm and Bz component of the Interplanetary Magnetic field jumped below 20 nT for more than half an hour. Nobody here expected that and perhaps this is the reason that despite the clear skies I was the only one who captured the show, specifically between 0:33 and 1:20 CET with two peaks (0:36 and 1:04 CET). And even if the Moon shined brightly, some moments of the aurora were visible even to the naked eyes! Only issue was the strong wind, what can be noticed on the timelapse video below. Hopefully, this was not the last one for years again (the last aurora from the Czech Republic was visible on 27th March 2017!). Used Canon Ra, Sigma 35mm, f1.6, ISO 400, 20s exposures.