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Behold the lunar mountains

Beautiful Partial Solar Eclipse

What a wonderful partial solar eclipse today, on 10th June 2021 over Mezhovice, the Czech Republic. I have many clear-skies shots of the eclipsed sun, but this time I enjoyed even the cloudy moments. When the Sun was behind, but still visible, the view was just so dramatic and colorful. Used Sony A7S, MTO 1100/10.5,…
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ISS transits the Sun - mosaic

Space Station in the Sun

No sunspot? No problem! Today, on 8 April, 2020, I was lucky enough to capture ephemeral transit of International Space Station against the Sun within 0,81 sec! Amazing about this is the solar panels of the station were perfectly turned to the Sun so there is no doubt this is it! The station was only…
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Solar eclipse over La Silla

Here comes the dream-shot of total solar eclipse over ESO La Silla observatory. The weather was just perfect, sky clear, wind calm, pleasant chill… and the eclipse–just wow. And plus you can also find Orion constellation on left. Sequence shows the whole eclipse timelapse before sunset over the Pacific ocean with the moment of totality…
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The Sun, divided

On May 26th, 2019, I cought over Ustupky, Czech Republic, bright green rim of the sun divided by cloud while bottom part was fainter due different atmospheric extinction. Prominent green color is probably caused by optical layer with more ozone than in bottom part. Quite lucky shot 🙂 Used Canon 6D and MTO 1100 mm.

Red and green flashes over Lichnice

In this view, captured on 3rd July 2018, the Sun sets over the old Lichnice castle-ruins when viewed from the Seč city. While it slowly gets over the horizon, the Earth’s atmosphere makes the story even more interesting. Very good climatic conditions allowed to capture several appearances of so-called green flash and also its “counterpol”,…
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The way a solar eclipse is…

And this is the way it is. Nature gets darker, all around silences and you are just engulfed by completely unknown face of the nature. You don’t know what to think, what to do, it just takes your breath away. The sun gets black, surounded by long motionless streamers of solar corona, looking like a…
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The beads of solar eclipse

This surrealistic image shows “story” of total solar eclipse on 21st August 2017 over Guernsey State Park, USA. Story begins from left when total eclipse starts with so called diamond ring phase of the spectacular phenomenon, followed by Baily’s beads and full coverage of the Sun by the Moon. Same is shown on right, when…
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