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Nova in Hercules 2021 - Annotated

Nova in Hercules 2021

A 3 days ago, on 14th June 2021, a new star of 6th magnitude (on the threshold of naked-eye visibility) appeared of at the edge of the Hercules constellation, between stars Epsilon and 111 nearby Aquila. In fact, not quite new, but pretty interesting nova. Novae are short-lived outbursts from aged binary star systems in…
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Behold the lunar mountains

Beautiful Partial Solar Eclipse

What a wonderful partial solar eclipse today, on 10th June 2021 over Mezhovice, the Czech Republic. I have many clear-skies shots of the eclipsed sun, but this time I enjoyed even the cloudy moments. When the Sun was behind, but still visible, the view was just so dramatic and colorful. Used Sony A7S, MTO 1100/10.5,…
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Setting Flower Moon over Kunetice Castle

Flower Moon over Kunetice Castle

On May 26th, 2021, the full Moon appeared over Kunetice Castle, seen from Bohumileč, Czech Republic. The wonderful view was even more unique as just by that time, at 1:51 UTC, Moon was closest to Earth, producing popularly called “supermoon” (or Perigee Full Moon). I tried to catch the Moon by the time of its…
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Mercury's Sodium Tail

Mercury’s Sodium Tail

Accepting the high challenge of shooting the currently significantly well-capturable Mercury’s Sodium tail, I tried to make the record with no narrow-band filter, but only with full spectrum Baader BCF modified camera. Considering the bright short wavelengths are highly scattered due to the atmospheric extinction low over the horizon, the only colours to be captured…
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The Cove of Aquarius

The Cove of Aquarius

The Seč lake, May 8th, 2021, in the morning just before the daybreak. Truly calm water by ashore where a moored barge takes the central stage while majestic summer Milky Way appears in the sky. And then it happens – a green bright meteor on left just “heats the heavens” and makes a truly beautiful…
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Nova in Cassiopeia 2021 - May 11th, 2021 (annotated)

Nova in Cassiopeia 2021

11 May 2021: The morning sky was clearer than the night before so I tried to capture again the whole Cassiopeia region with the Nova Cas 2021 one more time. The inset of annotated version shows nova just in the center. Used Canon 6D modified, Sigma 50mm, f3.2, ISO 2000, 60x40s from the tripod and…
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Kunetic Full Moon

Kunetic “Pink” Full Moon

On April 26th, the (almost) full moon rose over the plains of the Pardubice region, the Czech Republic, producing a pretty spectacular view. As the Moon was about 9 hours before the full moon phase, it was still visible during sunset time and so all its rising appeared above the colorful horizon. It was called…
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