Greek legend over the Christian chapel

The Greek legend over a Christian chapel

Human religion is so diverse. All around the world, you can find churches, monasteries, chapels, mosques… The Czech Republic is country of big percentage of atheism or undeclared religion, but along the history there were so many religion acts which led to changes of thinking of our ancestors and made them to build these sacred buildings. The chapel on image, captured on 4th August 2016, was built in 1773 in Grun of Beskids mountains and dedicated to St. Mary. Since 2002, the chapel belongs to the Czech national heritage. While the chapel is affected by the Christianity, the sky over it has different stories – Greek legends related to the antique gods. Prominent Cassiopeia constellation, shaped as letter “W”, reminds Ethiopian haughty queen who had to sacrifice her beautiful daughter Andromeda to Kraken monster of angry Poseidon, the god of seas. The beautiful Andromeda was saved by brave Perseus, son of the Zeus. Both of them, Perseus and Andromeda, can be identified as the constellations on the image as well. Perseus is on the left, above the trees. Andromeda is just above the chapel, containing the majestic Andromeda galaxy. A green trail left from the center of the image is Perseid meteor. The chapel is located in relatively young Beskids Dark Sky Park. Used Canon 6D Baader IR modified, Takumar 50, f2.8, ISO 8000, 43×8 seconds panorama from tripod.