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Namibian Geminid night

From the notebook of Safra-go.cz… Everyone who watches the skies, knows about annual Geminid meteor shower. The best time for watching it is around 14th December due to Earth’s approaching throught the thickest stream of dust particles from 3200 Phaeton. Well, unfortunatelly in this time on the northern hemisphere comes on the winter time, so…
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Largest meteorite, interplanetary dust and gazing stars in Namibia

Lot of dreams come true in very long time, but I was lucky in this way. During my trip in south Africa I could reach another from them pretty quickly. Which one? To see, touch and stand on the largest iron meteorite in the world, Hoba meteorite in Namibia. There is no secret where is…
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The dreamer of Tenerife

There are lot of beautiful places in the world for dreaming under the starry night sky. One of it is surely the National Park Teide on Tenerife, Canary Island. And that’s the place I captured this calm moment with a dreamer lying on the ground, watching the Milky way as a smoke coming from the…
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My dreamt-of room

Have you ever dreamt about relaxing in bed in the middle of the night and having the view out of the room directly to the Milky Way? Well, I found this spot. It’s a room in Lauder School BB, New Zealand, managed by lovely couple Bruce and Esmé MacDonald, where you can just lie down…
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A view under the Universe

Moving on, second half of June I spent in Hastings. Kind of retro city offers amazing hills just a few minutes drive from the center. Hill called Te Mata peak (by maori language “the peak of Sleeping giant”) is almost 400 meters above sea level and there is a view to east and south just…
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Three girls and three galaxies above the bay

It was just last day of April 2014 and I decided with my sister and also her new czech friends here in Katikati, New Zealand, take a ride into the beautiful surrounding of this city. We decided to travel just few kilometres far from here, to majestic Waihi beach, which ends in Bowentown by small…
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Southern lunar eclipse

After nervous 680km long drive across the north island of New Zealand for some chances of good weather me and my sister Katerina almost incredibly succeded. We found a small field-road next to the main road to Takatiki, where the clouds miraculously dissipated just couple minutes after beginning of totality and we could be witnessed…
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