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Gems of Soneva Fushi sky

Deeply among the Maldivian islands, you can reach a small one called Soneva Fushi. And it is a truly beautiful and peaceful place to stay. Of all possible activities, I liked the most gazing at the night skies. As the island is not much influenced by harmful light pollution and the equator is not far…
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Fairytale Geminids

Around the frozen Seč lake, where fishes put themself to winter rest, the snowy blanket covered endless forests. People hidden in their warm cottages were just dreaming about their wishes around Advent candles as the miracle night is about to come in only 10 days. Remembering the legendary story of Jesus Christ birth, they also…
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A ghostly glow over Beskids

The most significant side effect of harmful light pollition is definitely loosing dark night skies over our heads. Especially in the central Europe, Japan or eastern US the density of big aglomeration is so prominent that you have to travel truly far away to see something like this. Fortunately all around the world many enthusiasists,…
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Perseid meteor stream over Kolonica

Welcome to the Kolonica Observatory, Slovakia, located in the Dark Sky Park Poloniny. Just this place was in August 2018 perfect center for observing annual Perseid meteor shower caused by debris of comet Swift-Tuttle’s nucleus. The celestial show was amazing as usual, bringing even some of spactacular fireballs. Here comes photographic testimony of whole shower,…
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Three planets at the solstice night

At the calm solstice night on 20th June 2018 over Seč reservoir, there was so much to see. Besides the summer Milky Way (for northern hemisphere), the most prominent planetary “trio” is visible over the horizon. These three planets are very close to their oppositions dates, in fact during only 79 days they all get…
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Summer stars over the Czech historical observatory

On 31st August, 2016, the summer season slowly slowly getting over, but beautiful part of the Milky Way was still visible. The weather brought one of the clearest night in the Czech Republic, so I decided to visit one of the most magnificent astronomical place in the country: the Historical part of Czech Astronomical Institute.…
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