Kunetic “Pink” Full Moon

Kunetic Full Moon
"Pink" Moonrise

Kunetic “Pink” Moonrise

On April 26th, the (almost) full moon rose over the plains of the Pardubice region, the Czech Republic, producing a pretty spectacular view. As the Moon was about 9 hours before the full moon phase, it was still visible during sunset time and so all its rising appeared above the colorful horizon. It was called “pink” as due to folklore this one was called “Pink Moon”. But not because of its color. In the foreground, you can Křičeň village illuminated by setting Sin and a very distant Kunetic castle on the left bottom. Such a beautiful view! Used Sony A7S and Tamron 70-200mm/200mm, f2.8, vary exposures.

Kunetic Full Moon

Kunetic Full Moon

Just the day after, the Full Moon rose exactly over Kuneticka hora castle from the 15th century, (captured from a distance over 12 km). The air was dusty and thus the Moon rose so redly. To capture this unusual moment when Moon “touches” the turret of the castle, I had to make a pretty precise choice of the location. Eventually, it worked perfectly. Used Sony A7S and MTO 1100/F10.5, vary exposures.